Infinity Investment Group

About the Group

Infinity Investment Group (Est. 1997), operates without conflict of interests, and is ranked by both D&B and Globes as one of the largest and best performing investment houses in Israel.

The Group manages investment portfolios , for various clients from different industries.

The Group manages provident funds, advanced study funds, and severance pay funds  for a wide range of both private and corporate clients.

The Group has demonstrated consistent, impressive growth since its establishment, employs over 120 professional employees, and is owned by Mr. Amir Ayal, who serves as Chairman and Chief Investment Manager.

Main Activities Managing
  • Investment portfolio management and consultation both in Israel and overseas
  • Planning complex financial instruments
  • Managing advanced study funds
  • Managing provident funds
  • Investment banking, business entrepreneurship, and financial guidance
  • Managing central severance pay funds
  • Real investments
Management Concept
Investment Management with no Conflict of Interest. Infinity Group does not manage the Group’s own products, such as mutual funds or exchange-traded funds, does not handle underwriting, and does not manage an active investment portfolio of its own. As a result, all managerial decisions are based on each client’s specific needs, and the return achieved for clients does not create any conflict of interest.

Management Method

At Infinity Group, we believe in providing proper financial “translation” to each employee or company, and so we developed the Infinity Method for Investment Management, which offers financial management solutions that are custom-tailored to each investor/saver, based on their unique nature, demands, and lifestyle.

Investment management at Infinity Group incorporates decision-supporting tools, so that the clients’ portfolio/provident fund/advanced study fund is created based on analyzing each client’s financial assets, including precise diagnosis of her/his needs, as well as examination of the parameters that influence the appropriate investment composition, the invested sum, the liquidity needs, and the desired investment type.

The method incorporates two stages, the first includes defining a personal risk profile, which is defining separate monetary allocations of assets between to “pure” investment channels (“solid” and share-based”), and the second employs a unique investment model based on the individual model,securities baskets are created, for optimal investment in each channel and achievement of excellent return.

Abilities and Strong Points

Investment Management Department, which consists of a team of experienced experts, specializes in various fields: the stock market, debentures, overseas investments, derivatives, accompanying products, and more.

Corporations and Institutions Department consists of senior investment managers and consultants, with extensive experience in the capital market and in managing clients with broad financial scopes. Our experts manage portfolios for authorities and governmental companies, public entities and companies, municipal corporations, non-profit organizations, private companies, and more.

International Investment Management Department specializes in managing a range of international investment portfolios in varying risk levels. These investment portfolios include exchange-traded funds, shares, debentures, and advanced financial tools, ensuring both geographical and sectoral distribution. Infinity Group is a licensed investment manager, and is recognized by major banks worldwide.

Professional Client Department
This department consists of a professional team of investment managers and consultants and an administrative operational team who provide ongoing service to clients and offer readily-available professional support.

Retirees and Pensioners Department
Our professional team of experts provides ongoing service and personal guidance to retirees and pensioners of the IDF and the Defense System throughout the entire process.
Financial Advisors Desk

We provide professional service to bankers and financial advisors in a wide range of areas: tracking and administrative queries concerning portfolios from managed advisors (fees, returns, portfolio compositions, and investment policy), information regarding various investment instruments, and more.

Pension Advisors Desk
We provide professional service to bankers and pension advisors in a wide range of areas relating to savers in Infinity Group’s provident funds and advanced study funds.

Enhanced Investment Committee: This Committee includes Group employees who are licensed in portfolio management and investment marketing, and representatives from the research department, as well as three external directors: CPAs who hold senior positions outside the Group.

Research Department

This department consists of CPAs, economists, and capital market professionals, with professional and research experience in various fields. The Research Department specializes in macro-economics and Asset Risk Allocation, shares and micro-analysis, debentures and fixed income instruments, derivatives, and overseas investments.

Professional Publications

The Group issues for its clients studies and analyses of various markets, in collaboration with research department of foreign banks, current research from Israeli entities, and designated studies conducted by external experts. In addition, we issue to clients professional materials on a weekly and monthly basis, as well as research reports and professional reviews.

Trading and Dealing Room 

The Group operates a state-of-the-art trading room, which includes access to leading dealing rooms worldwide, as well as direct ongoing communication with the banking system as stock exchanges both in Israel and overseas.

Technological and Computer Structure 

Developed by company employees who served in the IDF Intelligence Corps’ Development Units, our internal computer structure includes decision-supporting systems and “artificial intelligence”, control systems, and real-time monitoring of investment opportunities.

Risk Control and Supervision

The Group operates ongoing stringent control measures over execution and implementation of the Investment Committee’s decisions and the trading and consultation rooms’ operations. These measures include internal and external auditing and supervision procedures, as well as designated computer systems that monitor in real-time all investments and orders given by the trading room, and also immediately report all irregularities to the organization’s senior managers.

Confidentiality and Information Security 
The Group and its employees are committed by law to maintaining the confidentiality of clients. All employees have signed non-disclosure agreements. Entrance to the trading rooms and access to the various trading systems are limited, based on authorizations. These procedures are overseen by the company’s VP Operations and Chief Security Officer.
Infinity Group
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